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Do YOU Vote?

I do. I believe that voting is a right we should not take for granted.

However, participation in our municipal elections has traditionally been quite low. And participation in our last provincial election in June saw historically low turnout.

I believe in our communities. I believe in the people of Halton. I believe in the voters in our Province. That's why I'm issuing a challenge. First to Halton citizens, and then to the rest of the Province of Ontario.

Don't take democracy for granted. Don't be complacent. PARTICIPATE in the process.

On October 24, get out and vote. Give your local politicians a strong mandate to make positive change in our communities.

Mary Cardamone, The Cardamone Group & Sponsor of Halton Region Votes.


Why I Vote


John C | Milton

I was disappointed by voter turnout for the last provincial election and, further, the declining trend for the past several municipal elections across our province.

Were they alive, my father and my many uncles who served our country during World War II would be appalled by the casual attitude about our democracy and voting taken by an increasing number of Canadians, especially given these men put their lives on the line for our democratic way of life.

Each of us has a responsibility to encourage the best amongst us to seek public office, help them navigate the democratic process in a way that benefits the majority of taxpayers and vote in every election. Failure to perform this most basic duty leaves the door open to those beholden to special interests ahead of those working for the common good.


Willie Lambert, Former Oakville Transit Union Leader and Oakville/Milton Labour Council Leader | Oakville

Finding a home extends beyond just a residence. Our daily activities are the subject of local decision making. Regional and Municipal determinations, and their budgets, answer more of what we actively involve ourselves in.


Lush, clean, manicured parks and open green spaces, libraries and centres for performing arts. Recreation centres, arenas and community centres along with a wide array of services. Transit, road maintenance, fire protection, horticulture, pools, police services, sanitation and recycling. Our access to services is the purview of local governments.


So, we are all part of it. But we must convince ourselves to actually be in it. We need to exercise our outlooks and viewpoints, and have them registered. We need to VOTE! And voting for those elements that are closest and most meaningful to us.


There never will be any substitution for participation. Our experience, and those we love and look after, depend on US to exercise our most basic rights. It all comes back to us, in the living we find, with its qualities and fuller contentment.


All those that serve, that build, that extend such efforts, making contributions, have a certain real tangible benefit. Our voices can't just punctuate the air we breathe. We need to engage, find candidates seeking support, evaluate their aims, and issue our grade of them. That civic undertaking is the most basic, and most required, of all. And, no matter how the times are cast, no matter how things might be felt or seen, our involvement will always be worth it. And we are all so very worth it, through our democratic exercise.


Gail Smith – Resident, Community Volunteer | Burlington

Municipal and regional policies have a direct impact on our everyday lives and well-being. Our locally elected representatives make decisions on community vitality - neighbourhood planning & community centres; education - school trustees; environment - waste management, public transit, water supply and quality, urban design; healthy populations - public health units, health inspections; leisure and culture - parks & recreation facilities, libraries, access to arts and culture; Fire and Police Services and the list goes on.


Local elections give people an easy opportunity to make our communities better. Turn the tide on voter apathy - participate by getting up and casting your ballot in the local election on October 24, 2022.


Diana Saulez, Small Business Owner | Oakville


Please join me in accepting Mary Cardamone’s challenge to increase significantly the voter turnout in the October Municipal election.


Together, we can show the Province of Ontario that we can do better than the June 8th, 44% voter turnout. That means 56% of eligible voters stayed home!


The Region and Municipalities within Halton deliver fire, police and ambulance services; daily protecting us at our most vulnerable times. Land use decision can take away the sunshine from our gardens. The availability of transit, plus expanded “live/work opportunities” combine to lessen our collective greenhouse gas levels.


Such important services and decisions need our engagement. Please vote!

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